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How To Choose A Reliable Pet Taxi From Europe To The UK

When seeking a pet taxi service, you want a team who truly take care of your furry friend throughout the process.

Pets understandably find most journeys highly stressful, even those short trips to the vet.

Heading to the airport is therefore particularly unpleasant for them!

For most animals, the smells and noises of a vehicle can be alarming, so you need to do everything possible to keep them calm and relaxed. Cats in particular are highly territorial so they don’t like being out of their familiar environment.

Happy Saluki do everything possible to make their trip go smoothly, with our team collecting your pet from any location in the UK or Europe.

A Defra approved company, we have a modern fleet of vehicles to transport your pet to their destination in the UK. You can trust us to take exceptional care of your fur baby from beginning to end of their trip. All our taxis are kept clean and are designed for transporting pets comfortably.

Our pet transport company loves reuniting owners with their animals, including those relocating from Europe to the UK. Reliable, affordable and efficient, we offer a taxi service for a myriad of animals, including dogs, cats and birds.

If you’re looking for a reliable pet taxi service from Europe to the UK, find out more about Happy Saluki. Or contact our team for more information.

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